Radare – All Filler 7″ (White)

Eight months after the release of their latest album, Der Endless Dream, follows Radare’s All Filler, a 7” with two songs created during the sessions of the album. While the album was conceived as an experimental blockbuster that worked its way through the trials and tribulations of adolescent yearnings, this latest single is more like a fragmentary short film that sheds light on two sides of a bipolar personality.

The sound of the songs with hypnotic western guitars, synthetic drones and soft brass sounds is this time a bit more hyped, feverish and paranoid. The mystery film that Radare used to set to music has now become a horror film.

All Filler was mixed by Henrik Eichmann and mastered by Philipp Welsing. The packaging was realized by Fabian Bremer. The 7” will be self-released on December 6, 2019, in digital form and on white and golden vinyl, limited to 100 copies each.


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