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Unwed Sailor “The Faithful Anchor”

We are proud to announce the release of “The Faithful Anchor” by Unwed Sailor. We proudly present the 20th Anniversary Edition of Unwed Sailor’s post-rock

Ropes Of Night – Impossible Space

Finally we can announce the start of the pre-order for the ROPES OF NIGHT debut full length “Impossible Space”. At the same time you can

CORECASS “V O I D” out today!

Hello, today we celebrate the release of “V O I D” – the new album by CORECASS. If you are into soundtracks like CHERNOBYL or


We are more than happy to welcome Corecass to our roster! CORECASS is the solo brainchild and creative outlet of distinguished Hamburg based musician and composer Elinor


ROPES OF NIGHT was found 2019 in Cologne, Germany, by Ralph Schmidt, the creative mind behind renown acts ULTHA and PLANKS. Whereas his old bands