Museum of Light – Horizon LP (Hypernova Edition)

Museum of Light’s debut record, Horizon, pulls between two poles: big, crushing, overwhelmingly heavy riffs and dreamy, Zen-like washes of ambience and found sound. Horizon is a lush, dense, and cinematic record, but without the self-seriousness and lack of restraint that underscores many other releases within the genre. In a time where there are truly no restrictions to music, both in content and approach, the addition by subtraction philosophy brings a different type of gravity to the listening experience. The challenge of exercising restraint and employing elements of simplicity makes every moment of Horizon meaningful — there is not a wasted note nor an expendable moment.

• Hypernova (Bone with Neon Orange, Gold, and Black Splatter) (100 copies)

Full color jacket printed on reverseboard stock with full-color printed insert.



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