Maserati – Pyramid Of The Sun CD

This is a bio we have dreaded writing since the day we first discussed the future of not only this album, but the band as well. The sudden, tragic and unexpected passing of drummer Jerry Fuchs (!!!, LCD Soundsystem, The Juan Mc Lean, Turing Machine) not only forever changed the lives of those that knew and loved him (a number that stretches into the tens of thousands by all accounts), but it immediately halted progress on a new Maserati album for which they had already begun recording. As one of Fuchs’ final recordings, the band labored over its completion for the better part of a year. Afforded the utmost care and attention to detail, „Pyramid Of The Sun“ stands firmly as a celebration of Fuchs’ legacy, and a testament to the ever-increasing brilliance of Maserati.

Recorded throughout 2009 and 2010, „Pyramid Of The Sun“ is the most dynamic,melodic and tuneful Maserati album of the band’s decade-long career. Retaining the trademark driving momentum that makes the band’s live shows so euphoric, the record explores the lighter and darker sides of their sound, anchored by more melodic and varied song structures. In other words, you’ll now bob your head, tap your feet and involuntarily find the tunes lodged in your brain. Mixed with Justin Van Der Volgen (!!!, Out Hud) and Jeremy deVine (Sonna), Pyramid includes two collaborations with friend and tourmate Steve Moore of the band Zombi in the form of the Cluster-meets-Jan Hammer scorcher “They’ll No More Suffer From Thirst” and the synth-heavy dance epic “Oaxaca.” Closing the album is the bittersweet “Bye M’Friend, Goodbye,” a motorik summer punk jam that splits the difference between Wipers and Neu! and carries the bittersweet distinction of being one of the band’s finest songs, and the final track written and recorded with Fuchs.

„Pyramid Of The Sun“ assures Maserati their rightful place in the pantheon of rock bands who have not just painted outside the lines, but painted them over completely, replacing them with a vibrant array of colors that shine brightest on long overnight drives and early
morning after-afterparties.

In loving memonry of our dear friend Jerry Fuchs. We love and miss you!