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ROPES OF NIGHT was found 2019 in Cologne, Germany, by Ralph Schmidt, the creative mind behind renown acts ULTHA and PLANKS. Whereas his old bands can be found on the heavier side of the musical spectrum, ROPES OF NIGHT finally sees a departure from the paths of metal and going into the area of 80ies inspired Post Punk / Dark Wave / Shoegaze. 
The band consists of five individuals that have been active in the musical underground for a long time in bands such as ATKA, VEAGAS, MINUSMAN, BLACK WANDA etc, among them also ULTHA drummer Manuel Schaub. 

ROPES OF NIGHT will record their debut full-length for GOLDEN ANTENNA records later this year with a release at the end of 2020. 

If you are into bands like THE MISSION, THE CHAMELEONS, JOY DIVISION, NEW MODEL ARMY, SOFT KILL and TEMPLE OF ANGELS, this band might be something for you.

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