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R.I.P. Gerhardt “Jerry” Fuchs 12/30/74 – 11/08/09

Today, one year ago, I was on vacation in Portugal when I got an email saying that Gerhardt “Jerry” Fuchs had an accident and is dead.
Ever since, I have been thinking of you every single day.

I went to see Reinhard Lakomy performing a play for kids just because we talked about his records. Oh, I got you an autograph card by him. You still need to pick it up. I went to see “Neu” that didn`t even play our song. The best thing is that I met your parents a couple of months ago in Berlin. They are amazing people. Your dad wore a “Turing Machine” shirt. My mission was not accomplished though as I didnt get them to eat a Döner. Maybe you can talk them into eating one next time.

In four days the new Maserati record will see the light of day, and you can be sure that I´ll put on aside for you. You can and you would be proud to see this.
I just want to tell you “Ehh….no!” one more time, so we can laugh our heads off.

We love and miss you, buddy.