Spotlights - Tidals LP (Clear with blue splatter)

12″ vinyl on clear w/ blue splatter. Limited to 300 copies.
Limited Edition Reissue of Spotlights’ debut “Tidals”. Pressed up on heavyweight 180g wax!

While we’re waiting for the new releases to emerge from chaos, we are pleased to bring out the first record of one of our favorite bands on vinyl, just so we don’t have to rob a bank to get it on Discogs.
Spotlights is the result of bassist/vocalist Sarah and vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Mario Quintero creating music on their own terms with style and dedication. Tidals is composed of 6 tracks, made of sounds as heavy and deep as dreamy and melancholic, already marking the strong identity of the band when it was released in 2016. Anyway it’s a must have! A modern classic! (no objectivity at all here)



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