A. Armada – Anam Cara CD

A. Armada is the new project by Josh McCauley from Maserati as well as Bryant Williamson and Matt Nelson from Cinemechanica. A. Armada hail from Athens, USA, and therefore the five tracks on „Anam Cara“ have something in common with historical Athens. If one follows the legend, Goddess Athena and God of the seas Poseidon were courting for the residents of the nameless city.

Just like Athena and Poseidon, A. Armada try everything to appeal to the listener on „Anam Cara“. They successfully stand up to other representatives of the genre (who needn’t be named). Five highly melodic, instrumental songs in 27 minutes. Glimmering guitars that come across as the thousandfold twinkling and blinking of the water surface in the hot summer months off shores of Athens. In the legend, Poseidon appears close to victory. However, when you taste his cool wet (was meinst Du mit cool wet), you shrink away from it because it is salty. But A. Armada manage to balance the extremes – not exaggeratedly, but in a fine-weaved and coordinated fashion, with aggressive guitars and muted violent eruptions. They are the summer wind offshore, above the water.

In the legends, Athena and Poseidon were competing to be the patron of the city and each offered presents. Poseidon gave the people a salt water well while Athena offered an olive tree. Athena won, as the olive tree is the wellspring for many goods. This myth resulted in the Athenians’ strong belief in pragmatism, a tradition continued today as A.Armada pragmatically capture the listener’s attention with the impulsive, swirling guitar music of the summer.


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