Planks – Funeral Mouth CD

”Funeral Mouth” is PLANKS third full-length. After working with Southern Lord (Earth, Wolves In The Throne Room, Boris etc.), they now offer their debut for Golden Antenna Records.

PLANKS’ roots of Doom and Crust are being stripped down to the narrowest, skeletal remains. One can clearly feel a shift of focus from relentless brutaliy to advanced songwriting abilities. Melodies and dramatics play a bigger part than ever. Nevertheless, ”Funeral Mouth” is a colossus of a record. Each and every of the ten songs shows a dynamic mixture of various stilistic methodologies that often come in surprising arrangements, yet they never sound forced or unnatural. The combination of brutal heaviness, the dark atmosphere of Scandinavian Black Metal acts, a Dark Wave melancholy and the outstanding songwriting abilities of early Grunge bands accumulate on ”Funeral Mouth”.

If you are able to imagine how it would sound to have Mastodon, Darkthrone and Alice In Chains meet up to play songs by The Cure, you can picture how this record sounds. The ten songs were yet again recorded by the bands long-time friend Lari Eiden at the Lunarcity Studios, where they already record their last record ”The Darkest Of Grays”. Mastering duties were handled by Roland Wiegener at the infamous Tonmeisterei Oldenburg (eg. Tephra, Omega Massif, Alpinist). Joseph E. Martinez, the voice of Junius, contributed guest vocals to the song ”Scythe
Imposter”. The cold and gloomy artwork was envisioned by Oliver Hummel,responsible for all Omega Massif designs, and perfectly represents the majestic output that ”Funeral Mouth” is in its entirety.