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PLANKS: Good news & bad news….


…tend to go hand in hand. Today we have to share exactly this match of news to you.
As people tend to keep it in real life we’ll start with the good news:

For some time now we’ve been working in the Lunarcity Studio (Darmstadt) with our friend and producer Lari Eiden on the follow up to 2012th ‘Funeral Mouth’. The songs have been in the making for a while, developed and grew to a point where we said it’s time to lay the tracks down. We’re around 50% done. It’s not possible to say exactly how much more time we will need to finish everything, but to look for a release in spring of 2015 seems legitimate. So far, we’re satisfied with the results and the record heads in a slightly different direction from our previous material. Since we were more than satisfied with Timo’s work and are also good friends with him, the album will yet again be released by Golden Antenna Records.

Unfortunately, and this is the part with the bad news, Planks won’t be a functional band by the time of this initial release in 2015. After long talks we decided it’s time to call it quits. It’s merely an issue of time and energy. Private life, geographical distances and especially and almost unbearable workload besides the band took a toll and made us realize that it’s too hard to keep this band alive without sacrificing too much of our “everyday life”. The impossibility to play shows further away, tour or answer to the many great show offers we get from around the globe furthered the feeling we should maybe stop right here, right now.

All in all we are grateful for everything we were able to do as such a tiny DIY band in the eight year’s of our existence and want to say thanks especially to all the people that supported us. We will write a bigger post on this topic as the end draws close. We decided to call it quits at the end of this year, as in January the work situation will change for one of us yet again. This leaves four final shows for this year and possibly forever (…you never know).

All four shows are with bands we feel closely related to. In November we’re looking forward to a weekend with our good friends in SVFFER, visiting Bielefeld and Leipzig, where we will also meet the lovely FINISTERRE and SHIT SHIFTER. This goes down Nov. 21st and 22nd.

The last weekend we’ll visit Ralph’s hometown of choice Cologne at “Privat” with our dear friends ORTEGA from the Netherlands and PARAMNESIA from France on December 12th.

The last show will be on Saturday, Dec.13th in the very place where everything started: The “JUZ” in Mannheim. This is where Ralph met Frank, where Benny and Ralph talked about starting this band, where we had the first rehearsals, practise for two years, played our first show (with The World/Inferno Friendship Society, in early 2007), were involved in setting up shows, played with many great bands and which is run by people we like. That’s why, all things considered, December’s installment of the “WIR SIND DIE TOTEN” festival seems like the perfect ‘Final Show’, as it features many bands and people we’ve shared good memories with.

At some point this had to come to an end – we’re sorry that it happens so unexpected, so soon and that the new record won’t be out before that. We hope to see a lot of you nice people and close friends, that kept and keep on supporting us for the many year’s being, at the final show in Mannheim.

Thank you.
Benny, Marcel, Ralph (Oct.2014)