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PLANKS ‘Funeral Mouth’


After their last release on Southern Lord, PLANKS will put out their third full-length record entitled ‘Funeral Mouth’ via their new Label: Golden Antenna.

The three Germans prove that they dare to change and reinvent their sound yet again. The new album shows another leap away from their HC/Doom/Sluge roots into more song-focused and melody driven spheres. A glooming melancholy fills the room, supported by the matching artwork and lyrics. ‘Funeral Mouth’ is yet another concept record. It deals with observations of people deemed unlivable by their inner feelings.From a musical perspective the record resembles a river that flows and morphs while remaining the same entity all the time. Imagine a blend of Junius, Russian Circles, Breach, Darkthrone, Alice In Chains and The Cure.

You can already listen to “An Exorcism Of Sorts” already on our Bandcamp.

‘Funeral Mouth’ will be released on 12th October on CD and LP. The digital release will already be on 29th September, so all you mp3 junkies can download it two weeks prior the actual release date and buy the LP with the download code later. 😉 We will have a preorder starting on 1st September with nice extra goodies. Watch out!


P.S. Or listen to it here on Soundcloud!