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News +++ News +++ News

Hey everyone,

I hope you guys made it good into 2012! We did.
We have news!

New signing at Golden Antenna Records. At the end of March we`ll be releasing the debut record by Earthlimb entitled “Origin”. This is nothing else than the new band by Patrick Hagmann (Fear My Thoughts) who recorded this masterpiece nearly on his own. He was merely supported by Norman Lonhard (Tryptikon) on drums and Alex Bleiziffer on vocals. Who expects a bombast of true metal is completly wrong. But he wont be disappointed because he will get to listen to a symbiosis of sentiment and harshness and harmony and dissonance. More news soon!

Kerretta just released their second record “Saansilo”. Now those Kiwis make the long way to come over from New Zealand to explore and rock Europe. If you are not familiar with Kerretta, you can check out both records and videos here:
Check out the dates in the tour section to see which cities will be destroyed! 🙂

Die! Die! Die! did it! Their new record is finally done. It was recorded during their last european tour 2011 in France at the famous “Black Box Studio” (Steve Albini`s favorite studio). In early summer Golden Antenna Records will be releasing the yet untitled record. Die! Die! Die! will be touring in early summer/ summer to support the record.

Tephra will be back on stage! After their last tour got cancelled due to health issues by singer Ercüment, they are not back on track. Their first show is on 10th March in Cologne. More dates will follow soon.