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New Band! ASCETIC:


We are proud to announce the release of ASCETIC: – Self Initiation. This is a brandnew band from Melbourne, Australia featuring Damian Coward of “Heirs” on drums.

Drawn from a collective obsession with fringe philosophy and post-new-age consciousness, Self Initiation evokes the moods & spaces of 4AD’s early roster (Swans, Dead Can Dance, Cocteau Twins), with a nod to contemporaries The Soft Moon, Factory Floor & Portishead’s ‘Third’. Thick pulsing rhythms erupt into glorious, cascading conclusion; from narcissistic rants, to sickly crooned anthems; from the outer regions of reality to the depths of the subconscious, a white shadow emerging from the process: ASCETIC.

Their record will be released on 15th March on CD and limited LP. 300 copies on black and 100 copies on white. 180 gram vinyl, download card! Preorder starts NOW and we have some nice shirts as well and bundles! So head over to our  shop!

Speaking of download, you could download their record for free on our Bandcamp! But it would be great if you could support our artists and us by donating a few Euro or Dollars or whatever.The band will be on tour from 20th March until 6th May together with “Heirs”. If you want to book a show, please get in touch with Eldar at Modern Obsession Booking