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Maserati Tour is over…

Hey guys,

Iam back from the MASERATI tour which was tons of fun. We had a blast. We can not thank everyone involved as there are too many like all the people who came to the shows, all the promoters, all the people who cooked or let us stay at their apartment and get on their nerves with snorring, the nice people at the Swiss border for nearly rejecting us, the Norwegian customs for asking us if we are a band and inviting us to come to their country, the dudes who tried to help us out at the Italian gas station after we locked ourselves out of the van. But we want to thank Niels at Selma Booking for booking this great tour. Then Frauke Helwes and our grand daddy on tour, Günter Schickert! Günter fucking rules more than all of you can imagine!

Wanna know why? One of the best stories on tour: at the show in Leipzig the sound guy (approx. 25 years young) told Maserati to tune down their guitars. Then Günter interrupted and said: “No. Turn the guitars UP! Guitars must be loud! Crank the guitars!” Günter Schickert, at the age of 64 years, told the 40 years younger sound guy to turn up the guitars. Priceless!

Again, thanks to everyone who made this possible!

Timo & Maserati