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TEASER: O – When Plants Turn Into Stones

„O“ (Circle) from Belgium/Netherlands/Germany takes atmosphere, temper and pitch from 70s-style movie scores. In some parts their new concept album reminds of outstanding albums by Tangerine Dream, Neu! or Cluster, but also other epic composers such as Ennio Morricone gleam in the six self-contained tracks on the record with the programmatic title „When Plants Turn Into Stones“.

The music is devoted to six chapters in the circle of life. The perpetual becoming and passing, and perhaps the secret desire of humans to live in harmony with nature and the universe.
In „When Plants Turn Into Stones“ we are confronted with prolific yet careful, deliberate and sometimes impressionistic sounds. Each instrument, as well as the voices, arise from the distinguished and organic mastering by Harris Newman. Newman already mastered bands such as Arcade Fire, Silver Mt. Zion or Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

„When Plants Turn Into Stones“ is an acoustic journey that you should enjoy with your headphones on! The listener is launched into a timeless musical journey through unknown territory and melodic landscapes. This evokes memories of „Millions Now Living Will Never Die! (1996) by Tortoise.
„When Plants Turn Into Stones“ will be released on 6th June as Digipac CD as well as LP with printed innersleeve and download code on Golden Antenna Records.