My Education – Sunrise LP

There is a calamitous but oddly compelling tension that rears its head when the night hits its darkest hour. This is the feeling you get when My Education`s newest record, „Sunrise”, takes off with soaring, cinematic instrumentals – an amazing concoction of guitar drones, melodic viola, and thundering rhythms.

“Sunrise”, a new album of pieces from their original score for F.W, Murnau`s 1927 silent masterpiece “Sunrise: A song of two humans”, finds the band in peak form. Having perfected the material with live film performances over the last two years, My Education has captured 40 plus minutes of a soundtrack to the long dark night of the soul. “Sunrise” is an aural experience that is original and unique. This soundtrack finds parallels with the soundscapes “Popol Vuh” created for Werner Herzog`s films. All told, this is their most diverse and mature
release to date. Since forming in 1999, the band`s membership has expanded and contracted while the sonic landscapes have grown with each release. My Education has released five full-length albums, several other recordings and a 12” vinyl collaboration with Dälek. “Sunrise” is about to get remixed by members of bands like: A Place To Bury Strangers, Kinski, Pelican, Red Sparowes and Dälek.


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