Junius – Forcing Out The Silence LP


This is the standard black LP. 180 gr vinyl. Download code.

Having formed in Boston in 2004 and subsequently spreading across the globe over the past decade, the band is currently headquartered in New York City and continues to tour worldwide year after year. Recent tourmates include Katatonia, Enslaved, Alcest, Caspian, A Storm of Light, and O’Brother in the last couple of years alone.

Described by Rolling Stone as “a perfect hybrid of Neurosis and The Smiths,” the members of Junius have crafted their own distinctive style of genre-bending rock that’s borne of experiments in isolation and asceticism. It’s this austere approach from one of America’s hardest working bands that adds a weighty sense of purpose and intrigue to their output. The band is currently writing their next album and planning further touring in support of an upcoming full -length.

But this spring Junius embark to Europe together with „City Of Ships“ in order to support the 10th anniversary of „Forcing Out The Silence“, their first EP. First released by Radar Recordings in 2004 and then packaged together with the Blood Is Bright EP to form the band’s first self-titled full length in 2007, this marks the first time Forcing Out The Silence will be released as a standalone vinyl piece as 10th anniversary edition!

Completely remastered for vinyl by Will Benoit of The Radar Studio (Caspian, Constants, Gifts From Enola), this release will see its original artwork by guitarist Michael Repasch-Nieves expanded for the first time in 12″ format with complete liner notes and lyrics.


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