Die! Die! Die! - I Seek Misery/ 450 7inch

Blue transparent vinyl. Limited to 250 copies on Buzzhowl Records. UK import.

Post-punk power trio Die! Die! Die! return with a killer new single, ‘I Seek Misery’ backed with ‘450’. The single is the second release from the band since they reformed their classic line-up of guitarist/vocalist Andrew Wilson, drummer Michael Prain and newly-returned bassist Lachlan Anderson. On last year’s ‘O’ the band harkened back to their noisiest, most frenetic punk roots. On the new single Die! Die! Die! keep up the high energy noise but with melodic and shoegaze flourishes. The trio recorded both tracks in a single session at Roundhead Studios in Auckland. “‘I Seek Misery’ is about addiction and also standing in your own truth,” says Wilson, as well as “bringing about change to the current societal power dynamics in the ruins of a colonial empire. ‘450’ is about the impending climate collapse that will happen if we reach 450ppm of co2 in the atmosphere, but you can dance if you want to – to the climate collapse!”


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