Daturah - Reverie CD

Daturah (Frankfurt, Germany) present five monumental, but dynamically warm and dreamy songs.

Daturah exist since December 2003 and released their debut feature in May 2005 on their own. This self-titled record was released half a year later on the american label Graveface Records. In the next year the band played nearly a hundred shows with e.g. Mono, Gregor Samsa, Do Make Say Think or The Thermals. In spring of 2007 the band decided to back out of doing live performances in order to devote themselves on their work for the second full-length.

„Reverie“ is the title of their new record. Hardly superior the title could be, describing in one word and gasp what the record accounts for: musical musing, where the listener finds himself for sixty minutes in five long songs engrossed from reality and sempiternal reexperienced. The warm, harmonic atmosphere of Daturahs music enwraps the listener and with intensive determination they wont let him escape that quick from their smoothly woven soundweb. The assembled samples let the harmonious cocoon of sound, entitled “Reverie”, appear somewhat more direct and human.

On the one hand the listener gets drawn by capillary walls of guitars, gyrating far to the top like a griffon in the warm summer wind above the sea. Thermal winds. Calm and majestic rotarying, in puissant orbits. A major, overlooking view confesses. On the other hand one gets pulled under in a maelstrom with captivating power through the hushed and silent moments. You immerse in the sea, slump slowly and land suave on the ground.

Sand disperses. Counterpoints are set discreet. Suddenly and abrupt you climb up. Newly awoken the listener gets pulled up in a mighty swirl. Resistance seems pointless, but maybe someone is rescuing the listener from an apocalyptical, stormy sea…


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