Mike Armine – Vocals, Electronics
Dave Grossman – Bass, Vocals
Eric Jernigan – Guitar, Vocals
B.J. McMurtrie – Drums
Matt Weed – Guitar

After four albums and over a thousand shows across 11 years of touring in 24 countries, the four people behind Rosetta have branched out. Adding longtime friend Eric Jernigan (City Of Ships) on guitar for the fifth full length album, Rosetta continues to broaden their harmonic and sonic experiments. Carrying the torch of 90s noise rock and punk’s independent ethos, they merge a deep melodic sobriety with confrontational heaviness.


OK WAIT – Signal LP (blue)

Vinyl facts: limited to 300 copies. Transparent Rubio-blue! How cool is that? Comes with DL code. 180 gr vinyl !!! OK WAIT, a Hamburg-based trio,

OK WAIT – Signal CD

OK WAIT, a Hamburg-based trio, is an experimental instrumental band that creates a unique blend of music that defies genre boundaries. With their latest album


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