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Airpeople is:

David Blumann- Bass, Guitar, Synth, Vocals
Oliver Hengel – Guitar, Synth
Marco Premm – Guitar, Synth
Florian Brandel – Drums, Vocals, Synth

It is the mythology of the Phoenix. A bird burns to rise from his own ashes. Like the vanished Phoenix in the old Egypt, AIRPEOPLE rise from the ashes of bands like Eniac, The Oliver Twist and Fuckuismyname.

The journey starts in the „Golden City“ where they rock debonair as if there is no tomorrow. But they need to go via Amsterdam to Denver – not to ski, but to teach the commune a major dose of groove. The Rocky Mountains tremble! In San Juan they stop for a short chill, so they can travel to Mombasa at the Indian Ocean to work the crowd a big sweat. In Le Mans they first take it easy and then they cruise for a race until they make a quick stop in Saigon. Jetlag! But the journey continues. In Glasgow they steal Mogwai the show. The last stop is set: Stockholm. The band has been here before and rocked the show on a different, shorter travel.

All this combined, culminates in the mix of a big city! “GOLDEN CITY“ – displaced rhythms, dissimliar moods, unexpected turns. Big, small, gross, dark and light ones that assemble to a corporate feeling that form a grand record.

Artwork was done by Sebastian „Sebo“ Feld who worked for bands like Les Savy Fav or Red Sparowes before.

Let the city groove!


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